I told you mine, now you tell me yours……………..

I tell you my favorites …. and what a should girl should consider……… now please tell me yours. I want to hear (in detail) your tips of the trade to go from tomboy to girly! Please tell us your wardrobe tips, favorite products, make-up essentials, etc. Cheers. Thanks everyone!

Waterproof Mascara is a must!

OK ladies – this is an order. You MUST try and switch to Waterproof mascara if you haven’t already. For those of you who use ‘waterproof’ mascara I invite you to post the reason why you use ‘waterproof’ and what is your favorite brand. Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying use this as a daily ritual however I’d say it’s an absolute MUST USE when hitting up a hot yoga class – if you’re PMSing (PMS aka Possible Murder Suspect) or simply doing any form of rigorous workout or exercise.

Most importantly, this an extremely low maintenance way to live. And secondly, running or smudged mascara, in my personal opinion, is not pretty and is not a good look. So, I firmly believe and I’m highly recommending waterproof mascara because in addition to my already legit reasons, you never know when you’ll get caught unexpectedly in tirrential downpours or encounter a rendezvous and unexpected sleepover to find yourself in the morning with a potentially smudged pillow (that may or may not be yours) as your regular mascara is officially the culprit ……just saying!

If you decide to take on this tip of the trade, then my personal favorite is Maybelline’s Define-a-Lash.
Complimentary is a personal favorite eye makeup remover where you don’t have to rub the crap out of your eyelashes/eyelid – and that is Shiseido’s eye makeup remover.

Cheers to gorgeous smudge-free lashes! xo

I wore sneakers until highschool……..

How old were you and where were you when you wore heels/stilettos for the first time?! I was in highschool for the Freshman dance. Until then, it was sneakers, flipflops and cleats.

A VERY Special Valentine’s Day Present ……………..

All I can say is scroll down to my Christmas present blog and REPEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minor change is some new music …………. Happy Valentine’s Day! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE. xoxoxoxoxo

What to wear for Super Bowl Sunday Funday………………..

Good morning Ladies, Tomboys, and others…………. depending on where you’re going today for Super Bowl Sunday – if it’s out at the local bar or to a friend’s house, definitely find a football jersey and where it with some dazzling jeans and some heels if you’re feeling frisky! Here’s a picture of me and my girls to give you an idea. Victoria’s Secret always has cute, comfy, cotton (see-through) Football Jersey’s to help you engage in the Sporty fun but still look Hot and Girly! Tomboy to Girly – Go Patriots!

Do you want gorgeous, natural eyelashes with low maintenance?!

Hi everyone, cheers to a beautiful, loving, fun and prosperous 2012! It’s already been an amazing year for me, hope for you too. I want to discuss a hot product that many are still not aware of — if you don’t want to be high maintenance with false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, etc and you want all Nat-ur-al….. then you NEED Revitalash! I stated previously this is one of my favorites and it really does work wonders thus I need to emphasize as I’ve been receiving such lovely compliments from strangers regarding my lashes and how beautiful and long they are! Cheers and enjoy!

Super Low Maintenance!!!

Christmas present for your boyfriend……….

Ladies – all I can say is “Santa Baby”……… best holiday song to do a lil dance for your significant other. If you have a bow so he can unwrap you, that’s a present in itself. Here is where you can buy this Victoria Secret Starry Babydoll attire present for him. http://www.victoriassecret.com

Happy Holidays – live, laugh, and love. xox

Ho Ho Ho and a Happy New Year!

Ok ladies – here is one of my favorite outfits for New Years Eve parties! I’m a denim jeans addict so if you want to dress up without wearing a dress try a SEQUIN Tank! Express Stores have them this time of year as well as many others. Sexy and comfortable combination! A pair of heals with Jeans would be ideal for this occassion – or some SEQUIN flats. Have fun!

Classy, Sexy and Comfortable!


Tomboy…….. to Girly!


Every girl needs from Tomboy to Girly…just a taste. Tell me your faves!

1.) Hanky Panky anything!

2.) Yes, splurge for the best Victorias Secret – they are Wonder Bras!

3.) Hair extensions (with real hair) are awesome!

4.) Gel insoles for Stilettos – yes I wear my heels all night at every wedding!

5.) The best pair of jeans for your body type – http://www.shopazzaria.com/category/denim/

6.) Lip gloss is a must! Kissable strawberry is yummy!

7.) Your old coffee grinds for callused hands – 10 years of gymnastics didn’t help

8.) Anti-aging Spray tan, latest and greatest!

9.) Never knock a denim skirt with your favorite hoody – all about comfort, holla!

10.) Waterproof mascara always - I grew up with tough love and I still cry, proud of it!



It’s all about the little things…….

Just a hint of pink in your wardrobe makes a huge difference. I love Victoria’s Secret Pink Line!


My new favorites!

1.) Revitalash – amazing, simply works as a liquid eye liner but it’s a clear liquid you put on your eye lid before you go to bed; it enhances your natural eye lashes, no joke. Longer and thicker in a couple of months. Cheapest I found is $50 on Amazon.

2.) Nikeid – customize and build you’re own Nike shoe, here are mine!






3.) Lululemon is the latest and greatest – OUT with the sweats and original wife beaters; and IN with the yoga pants and ruffly tank tops. My best guy friends confirmed they’d rather see girls in yoga pants than sweats – yoga pants are just as comfy as sweats.

4.) Aerie Padded Sports bra – love these because they don’t give you one uni-boob smooshed together like a normal tight sports bra, there is a light pad in each breast in order to keep the shape


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